Before We explain why
We feel there is
an urgent need for
" Starchildren Sanctuaries "
to open up all over the World ....
and why We wish to
Create one as an example,
let Us first tell You a
bit about the
" Starchildren " !
Who are
“ The Starchildren “ ?
We do not like to put labels on People ,
however We Humans seem to like to
identify certain groups by
placing a name to associate them with .

I call the Children that I have been
meeting through My Sanctuary
since about 2000 , “ Starchildren “ ,
because of Their
“ Shiny eyes and Shiny ways “
and because They Shine out
so much Love ...unconditionally !
I have since learned ,
and experienced through these
Amazing Beings ,
about Their wonderful mission
of assisting Us All in
Our Journey into the Light .

Some call Themselves
“ Crystal Children “ ,
“ Rainbow Children “
and “ Rainbows Warriors
of the Light “ …
all Parented by the
“ Indigo Children “
who came here to open
the way for Their arrival .
( These Children are given
these names simply because of the
colour of Their Aura’s and
the energies they emit )
We Humans are going

through one of the biggest and
most exciting changes in
Our evolution right now ...
We are experiencing
a huge Spiritual growth
which is making Us more aware
of the shiny " Light Beings "
that We truly are ,
of the higher dimensions
of Light around Us ,
and of all the Loving Angelic and
Elemental / Faerie Guardians
and Guides who exist there .
We are being reminded
of the Spiritual connection
We have with Mother Earth
and All who live on Her .

For hundreds of years
We have been living only in the
physical 3rd dimension ... 3D ,
mainly controlled by the
ego through fearful ways ,
such as insecurities , anger ,
resentments , war , competition ,
attachments and pain .
This has taken Us far away from
Our true Divine connection
with Our Higher Selves ….
Our " Mother -- Father God " —
Our " Divine Family " ….
and the Natural World , .

We are now literally " growing
Our Physical Light Bodies "
and being guided by
Our Hearts and Souls ,
with Love , through Our intuition ...
reminding Us that We are here
to live together in
Unconditional Love ,
Peace and Harmony .
In the past there have been many
" Teachers , Guides,  Messiahs , Gurus  ,"
 sent to Us to guide Us ,
Lovingly , towards a happy ,
spiritual , uplifting lifestyle ...
one that flows in harmony with
each other and the
Natural World .

For the last 40yrs there
have been larger groups
of Peace loving Humans bringing
messages of Love and Light to
all those who need help with
" wiping away the many layers
of past bad brainwashing . "

We have called Them
" Flower Children " ,
" Children of the Light " ,
" Children from the stars " ,
" Indigo Children " and
the new bright eyed
" Crystal Children " and
" Rainbow Children " .

Their sole mission has been
to re-connect Us to
Our Higher Selves , to the
Divine Golden Light and Wisdom
within Us all ...
as well as to the Angels ,
Elementals and Nature ,
and to end the “ old ways “
of living in fear ….
to show Us a way of living a life
filled with the energies of
Love , Peace , Light ,

Harmony and Trust .
These gentle Ones are often
misunderstood for the unique ,
sensitive Beings that They are
and Their high energy
levels and frustrations
towards Our negative lifestyle
is often labelled
“ Hyperactive “ ," ADD or ADHD " ,
" a naughty / bad Child " ,
and other humiliating names .
They are " controlled with
fear and chemical drugs " ...
This makes Them feel insecure
( often resulting in Them
becoming “ Autistic “ or “ bullies “ )
and withdraws Their special energy ,
often switching off Their bright
Light within forever .
It has been found that as strong
as They may be , They are
also very vulnerable….
absorbing all the energies
around Them and amplifying
Their feedback to the energies….
so You will experience an
extra Loving and Kind feedback ,
as well as a shocking
and quite horrific feedback ,
depending on the energies
You surround Your Child with !

However , if left to be Themselves , these
" Wise Old Souls " amaze Us with ….
deep words of wisdom ,
stories of Spiritual wonder
and past life memories ,
true Unconditional Love ,
a close connection and
communication with
Nature and the
ability to heal naturally
and communicate telepathically .

The Starchildren are aware that
They are “ Warriors of the Light “ ,
and often get confused by the
“ old ways “ of destruction …
killing , shooting , war and other
horrific acts that We have been
“ badly brainwashed “ into believing
to be OK and a part of life !!!!
We Thank all Adults for helping
to guide these powerful Children
towards a more “ Holistic “ way of
“ cleansing and clearing “
negativity and
healing the “ baddies “.
Sadly, many little Boys
are still taught to fight and be rough ,
and , it seems , there are
very few " Gentlemen "
been raised today ....
so it’s better to rather try and guide
Them into more
“ positive combat styles “ .

For example ….
allow Them to use Swords ,
and guide Them to use them to
“ cut way and clear away dark clouds “ ,
sending out good ,
healing vibes with
“ Golden Light energy “….
and to use “ Golden , Silver
and Violet Flame energies “ that
“ turn all bad energies into
good , light energies “

Here’s a game the Boys like to play …
swishing Their swords from
side to side while saying…
“ I clear away all the bad ,
and bring in all the good ….
I am safe and all is well “

I have found that both Boys and
Girls Love to use bows
and “ Heart tipped arrows “
to send out Love into the world …
using a safe target in the
form of a world map for example …

If Children insist on using “ guns “
( sadly many toy shops still sell
such terrible “ murder playtoys “ )
then the only “ gun “ suggested
would be a “ bubble gun “
that Children could
“ blow out Rainbow Bubbles
filled with Love “

Do not be afraid to stand up for
these “ Divine Children “ ...
it’s OK if They are “ different “
and nothing to be
ashamed or afraid of .
You , as Parents ,
have been given a
Great Gift and it is an Honour
to be asked to take care
of such Special Beings !
Have fun enjoying the
journey with these
Precious Children !

We Thank You for respecting
these new Children , protecting
and guiding Them with Love ,
being aware of the vaccines ,
medications , foods , chemicals ,
guidance and thoughts
that You give Them ...
and for allowing Them to accomplish
Their important Healing mission ,
as They help Us raise Our vibrations ,
guiding Us Lovingly through
Our “Ascension process “.

*`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´ ♥

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