Why the new
“ The Starchildren
Educational System “ ?
The main reason is because most of
Our Precious Children are being
diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
and being given terrible drugs ,
such as Ritalin , so that Teachers ,
with large classes , can “ handle Them “.

Of course this is having an
awful negative effect on the Children ….
many now being labelled
“ Little Gods in Amnesia “
and “ Little Robots “ !
It is a well known fact that Ritalin
is like giving Your Child
heroin or cocaine !

The reason Children are being
restless in the classrooms
is , simply ,
because They are bored ….
They know that most of the stuff
that They are being taught
has nothing to do with
Their Mission on Earth right now
or Their future ,
and They feel that They
are having Their time wasted .
These are Highly Intelligent Souls
born with all the knowledge They need ,
and really just need
Loving Guidance and
fun and exciting times ,
“ reminding and remembering “ ,
being allowed to experience the positive
delight in each “ re-discovery “!

Our aim is to fill these
Children’s “ learning hours “
with everything that stimulates ,
inspires and uplifts Them to live
a life filled with Wonder , Joy ,
Respect , Gratitude and Love …
allowing Them to become
the Amazing Beings that
They came here to be .
We have combined the
“ Starchildren “ inspirations ,
with a mix of “ Waldorf
and Montessori concepts “ ,
to create the kind of
“ Learning System “ that will
be for the Highest Good of
all the Children who attend
“ The Starchildren Sanctuary “
learning centres ,
concentrating on ….
1 ...Life skills ...
Learning to Love and
approve of Oneself...
to live and create ,
play ( not “ work “ )
with Love and in Harmony with
Each Other and the Earth ...
learning to overcome
all fears and insecurities ,
and how to manifest all that is for
His / Her Highest Good.
Growing up to feel confident ,
strong and compassionate .

2... Creation ...
learning to love and appreciate
all forms of “arts and crafts “...
using Their imagination to re-cycle
" trash into treasures " ,
knowing that everything
that is created with Love ,
in that moment
is the best and most perfect !

3... Gardening ...
growing a Love for planting
all kinds of food and flowers ...
learning to work in harmony
with the Natural World...
and to create fun and
delicious things to eat ,
while becoming totally
self sufficient!
Learning respect for the Earth …
how to flow in Harmony with
the Earth’s Natural cycles …
planting Trees and being connected
to the Guardians within
each Tree and Plant ,
Vegetable or Flower !

4... Music and dance ...
learning to play simple instruments
and to love dancing together or alone ….
allowing Their Bodies to respond and
flow naturally in
harmony with the Music .

5... Games and education...
learning ABC s and 123 s in fun ,
non competitive ways .
Allowing each Child’s
individual talent to come through
while learning all that is important to live
a life that can be totally self sufficient ,
in harmony with the Community .

Learning to enjoy playing
non competitive games
and experiencing
exercise as being fun .
Learning all the simple
basics that are needed to know
about Earth , other Planets ,
the Universe
and beyond !!!

“ School “ is a place that
should be fun , exciting and
positively stimulating …
a place that every Child can feel safe ,
happy , inspired and uplifted…
a “ Home away from Home “
that is Loved to go to and be a part of .
Our wish is that all schools
become so .